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Future 15: Knock and Pacaso CEOs discuss real estate’s newest homeownership category: co-ownership – Inman

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15 Templates for a Sales Follow Up Email – Small Business Trends

 Email is an essential way of communicating in sales. But far too often, sales professionals focus solely on the initial pitch and neglect the customer follow up. Getting back in touch with prospects ultimately helps businesses close more sales. So creating a few solid templates for sales follow up emails can help your team communicate … Read more

11 tricks to write emails faster – Ladders

Table of Contents:Employees are spending almost a third of their workdays reading and writing emails (28% according to a McKinsey study.)Add to that time spent searching through files and inboxes for information (19% of the workday), and nearly half of the day is spent on tasks not directly related to a person’s role.  Any time … Read more

How to Write Crisp and Clear Security Operations Communications Before You Hit Send [Template + Infographic] – Security Boulevard

The Home of the Security Bloggers NetworkHome » Security Bloggers Network » How to Write Crisp and Clear Security Operations Communications Before You Hit Send [Template + Infographic][Chris Crowley is a cybersecurity instructor and industry analyst. This is Part 1 of his series of easy-to-use “best practice” documents – a veritable Swiss Army Knife of … Read more

25 Tips for Perfecting Your E-mail Etiquette | – Inc.

In the age of the Internet, you might find yourself clicking “reply,” typing up a quick response, and hitting “send” without giving so much as a thought about what you’ve just written. But experts agree that your e-mail behavior has the potential to sabotage your reputation both personally and professionally. got in touch with … Read more