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Free downloadable templates can be a useful shortcut to achieving your charity’s marketing aims – we’ve rounded up a few of the best
In marketing, a template can be an invaluable shortcut to whatever you want to organise or build, whether it’s an email, a social media post, or an entire campaign.
The major benefit of using templates for charities is that it saves you precious time that would be better put to use towards your mission, and the cost of having to hire an expert. For non-marketing people, they can be useful guidelines for steering you in the right direction. However, even seasoned marketers like to keep a template or two in their marketing toolbox for when they have to create something fast. It’s worth testing out a few different templates to see which can be best adapted to your needs.
Here are some of the best free marketing templates to download and use.

Everything begins with a plan of action. This means setting realistic goals, determining the marketing activities that will be most effective, preparing a budget, setting deadlines and assigning responsibilities.
These templates are designed to help organisations draft a high-level marketing plan for their digital campaign or overall strategy.

This marketing plan template from marketing software firm Hubspot gives you a good base for outlining your marketing strategy in one clear, coherent plan. Although not specific to non-profits, it can easily be used for all sorts of marketing goals.
It includes how to undertake a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to help you figure out what your marketing team already does well and what it can improve on.


Media Trust is an organisation that supports charities to improve their communication and media skills. Their free to download template can be used as a digital document or printed off and used in brainstorm sessions with your team, and helps you think about the channels and tactics that will work for your charity.
There is an accompanying digital objective builder template designed to help you create measurable strategic goals for your digital activities, with a persona template to help you define your target audience in detail.


The most challenging part of content marketing isn’t the writing itself, but brainstorming topics, targeting the right audience, figuring out timings, keeping consistency and making sure content meets your goals and is optimised for SEO. Charity Digital has many guides to getting organised with your content marketing, such as this content planning 101 webinar, and this guide on everything you need to know about creating killer content.
A recommended start is to create a publishing schedule in Excel or Google Docs and these templates are designed to form a base for that.
Once again, Hubspot comes through with some great free resources for digital marketers. This template for Microsoft Excel includes bonus templates for Google Calendar and Google Sheets, for planning blog posts and other online content.
Each template comes with instructions along with expert blog management tips, and can be easily customised to your marketing strategy. Take a look a their blog post for more on how to fill in a successful content calendar.

This useful free template from marketing platform Coschedule gives you a framework for generating ideas and key topics, assigning tasks and keeping everyone in the team on track. This one’s based in Excel and includes an overall content marketing calendar as well as a blog, social media and email calendars.

Tracking your daily, weekly and monthly targets is essential for charity marketing success. Comprehensive reports help you track how well your campaign is doing and inform content creation around factors like ideal post length, topics and posting times, helping you understand the tactics that that will get your audience most engaged. Most crucially, data can give you the concrete evidence to prove to stakeholders that your efforts are valuable and worth investing in.
There are many tools out there for analysing data from different digital platforms, from the free Google Analytics suite to marketing automation software and social media management tools with built-in reporting capabilities. But whatever your tool or data source, you need a structured way to communicate your data findings as part of your marketing strategy.
As part of their free downloadable guide to social media reporting, social media management platform Hootsuite have produced a number of templates that you can use to track your activities. The guide helps you figure out what information to include in your report and how to structure the document, along with the most common metrics for you to track and what they mean.
Online marketing experts Buffer have a free social media audit spreadsheet, along with a handy guide and checklist that promises you can create a helpful audit report in less than 15 minutes.
A social media audit is a type of report that can help you examine how well your campaign is doing, how your team works and what’s working with your content. It is designed to help you look at your goals and key metrics like followers and engagement, compare your performance over time and make an action plan for improvements.
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